Communication Game Nights

We play communication games in order to see each other and be truly seen.  Communication game nights are every Wednesday and are open to everyone over 18.  For more information please go to our Meetup page.

Our Games:

Photo Aug 07, 3 24 16 PM (2)-How often do we go through life just saying what’s on the surface? How often do we not get a chance to ask and be asked questions to reveal our deep inner truths? Each attendee will have the chance to sit in a “Hot Seat” and have the room put attention on them in the form of questions meant to reveal the raw, authentic truth. You may be surprised with what comes up for you!  This game is fashioned after TurnOn, a game played by OneTaste chapters as a precursor to learning Orgasmic Meditation.
Photo Aug 07, 3 24 16 PM (1)
-Come to join us in a playful turn-taking game of revealing who you really are! Small groups discover five 5 clues with each prompt, focused on desire in all areas of our lives. Playful, intriguing, eye-opening! This event will reveal the power in our ability to speak about our wants, wishes, longings, plans, dreams to each other.

Photo Aug 07, 3 25 07 PM-Join us for a night of games as we explore the masculine and feminine energy within us!
We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. How these are expressed is not necessarily connected to our gender. Feminine is the what; masculine is the how.
Understanding the differences and noticing how these present in our own personality. Taking action to strengthen qualities that we want to create a balance for the sacred expression.
Join us as we play games in order to find and cultivate the masculine and feminine energy inside each of us!

Photo Aug 07, 3 24 16 PM
-Are you tired of the same old scene at a bar or a club? Are you tired of talking to person after person and not really being heard? Are you tired of not being able to speak your truth?  Come to Intimacy by Design! You’ll have several chances to speak your truth and truly be heard! You can play at whatever level feels good to you. You’d be surprised by what comes up!  Intimacy is all about dropping filters and being your true self when relating to another person. This is for anyone, for any type of relating, fun, safe and interactive!  Every 



Discovery By Design-Do you have a desire to be seen for who you really are? And how often do we get to see others for who they really are? Would you like to have more of that in your life?  If so then come out to this new game in Dallas and get to know someone in a new light by putting your attention on them! Afterwards we will talk about what came up for each of us.

These events and many more are available on the meetup page.  Click here for more information.