Connection is the cornerstone of desire-based life coaching!  Here are some ways that Kim with Euphoria by Design has made that vulnerable and intimate link with clients!

What a great opportunity to learn how to live a healthy life. Kim not only knows the information, she lives it every day. I have seen her transformation into this ignited woman right before my eyes.  I can’t wait for this opportunity to learn from her.  Look out!  here I come!  A new and ignited powerful woman!!
-Sharon H. in Garland, Texas

Kim has a compassionate and caring manner in dealing with people. She has the ability to help others find their way in the world through her attentive listening, her own story, and by holding space for her clients. She has a unique perspective on life’s difficulties and has been vital in my own growth process. I would not be where I am without her help and compassion.
Kelly M., Therapist in Plano, Texas

Kim is a natural leader! She leads by her example. She stays motivated in her health and wellness and she inspires me to do the same! I’m astounded at her strong physical well being and health!  She is in the process of growing in leaps and bounds and staying healthy is an important factor in staying in flow. She’s got it!
-Debi V.,  Self-Empowerment Coach in Dallas, Texas

The Sound Escape is an extremely sensual experience! The music allowed me to relax completely and to empty my mind so I easily relinquished control to full enjoy the  exquisite touch. As her hands scanned my energy, I felt as if my body was the instrument and Kim was the musician. She played me beautifully. As the session progressed, I felt energy following from her fingertips into my body increasing our connection. I left with clarity of mind and invigoration of my body. Truly an amazing experience.
-Lynn, Allen, Texas

Thanks for the reading suggestion! I really related to a lot and laughed to myself several times as he [David Deida, author of The Way of the Superior Man, a book Kim recommends everyone read] has me pegged in so many ways. It helped put into perspective of where I am at and what I am wanting with my spouse. Also had some time to reflect on yesterday and want to thank you again for an amazing experience. It is new for me to give up control and just be in the moment, but it was really what I was hoping for…to explore new thoughts, feelings and be completely vulnerable and go where it takes me.
-Chad, Dallas