Upcoming Events!

We hope to see you at these upcoming events!  For more information about these please email kim at euphoriabydesign@gmail.com

Wednesday May 3rd:  Stop Overgiving! Create Healthy Boundaries and Promote Vitality!

Stop Overgiving Event

Do you feel like your life happens inside a pin ball machine?

Do you ever look at your calendar and longingly wish for time that was yours?

Do you answer out of a sense of obligation, or guilt?

Is the end of your day long past when everyone else has gone to sleep, and you are still ticking chores and tasks off a checklist?

Are you ready to change this way of giving so much of self that you are left limp and lost?

Join me on Wednesday, May 3rd from 7-9:00 pm for a talk about how to create space, energy and time for the most important person in any relationship: YOU!

You want to be there if: 

  • you want to end the road to exhaustion
  • you want to be able to say ‘yes’ to yourself without guilt or shame
  • you want to wake in the morning with spirit and pep and looking forward to your day
  • you want to move through activities and work at a pace that feels good and nourishing
  • you want others to honor your time and attention

I have spent the last two years re-learning how to take care of me, how to honor my spirit so that I can give with a full heart. Learning how to put the sparkle back into my life was directly linked to how well I took care of me, my body, by spirit and my mind. Join me and find what is missing so that you can also live with exuberance and joy!

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May 5th:  Pink Puja Gathering

Join this experiential evening for couples wanting to grow in tantric relating! We will honor the light in each of us, using sight, breath, touch, sound, scent and taste to connect with an open heart. The intentions are to honor sacred sexuality, discover pathways to more bliss and euphoric bliss in our lives.

Limited group size and for couples only. Register for 2/$35.  For tickets click here.

May 11:  Flirtation Class

Come on out and play!

Who wants more flirtation in their life!!!

We’ll learn the chemical, physical and limbic connections you make everyday… and don’t even know it! See what they are telling you with their body and how to communicate back. Since 80% of all communication is non verbal learn how to use it. And use your orgasm to heat up the room.

We’ll play some games together so you can feel the experience and get to know what works and what doesn’t. At home, at work, at the checkout line, so you can make everyone’s day light up.

So… Come play. Come laugh. Feel the connection. Make eyes sparkle, cheeks flush, feel the heat of fun. Learn your flirtation style and explore the flirt in you.

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May 12-14: Discovering Sexuality:  An Experience in Mind-Body connections

Many of us experience our sex as routine, limited, and lacking juice. Maybe it was fun and exciting, yet, now it seems to have lost something important. Are you wondering where’s the passion gone? Why isn’t it fun?

When sex feels like an obligation or duty, it’s time to do something about it! In this experiential learning course, you will have an opportunity to explore new ways of bringing passion and fun back into the bedroom. You will learn the roles of neuroscience and communication and how they fuel your sensuality and your sex.

Are you wondering what happened to passion? Where’s the fun?
Does intimacy feel like a routine?
My partner’s not interested! How about me?
What turns your partner on?
Can sex be unpredictable, exciting?

Come join us for an eye-opening journey of discovery to bring fun, play and intimacy into your relationships!

This clothes-on course is for singles as well as couples. Join Lisa & Kim to break through and fuel your sex to an entirely new level!

Thursday, May 11th
Flirtation 101
8:00-9:30 pm
optional class

Friday, May 12th
Immersion Registration and Beginnings

Saturday, May 13th
Intersection of Science & Sexuality

Sunday, May 14th
Designing the Path

Tuesdays, May 16/23/30
Weekly Class Alchemy

Tuesday, June 6th:
Beyond Fun & Feathers: Living a Turned ON Life!
Celebration and Sharing Dinner

Early Bird price for the course is $279/person until April 27th!
After April 28th is $349/person

Ask about couples pricing.

For more information, contact Kim at 214-773-6473 or email euphoriabydesign@gmail.com


Lisa is committed to everyone having passionate, intimate and loving sexual lives. She knows it is possible for everyone. Regardless of your history, your relationships and your beliefs, a healthy sexual life is essential to a fulfilled and healthy life. Whether it is intimacy, excitement or tenderness you want more of in your sex life, it is all available to you. This Lisa knows from experience, studying neuropsychology at Stanford, orgasm at One Taste and working with hundreds of individuals and couples. She has worked the spectrum from teaching weekend courses on Basic Sensuality, Orgasmic Meditation, behavior change and transforming old and sometimes painful beliefs, to altered states of consciousness through sexuality.

With a Harvard Graduate Degree in Health Care, a fellowship from Stanford and a BS in Health Education, Lisa went on to fulfill her life’s commitment to changing the most intimate part of peoples’ lives – their relationships to their partners, to their own sexuality and fulfilling their desires for satisfaction, fun and passion in the bedroom. Lisa is also a successful entrepreneur she owns and runs two medical clinics. You can find out more about her at


To contact her call 650.799.6487 or LisaReneCoaching@gmail.com

Kim is owner of Euphoria by Design, and is passionate about lighting the path to a life based on desire and joy! Kim facilitates others on their journey through coaching, events, and classes. Her style of coaching support includes a strong subconscious awareness, fierce personal attention and a spiritual reverence for mind-body connections through tantric and desire based living.

Kim also helps to hold and support the Dallas Independent community of Orgasmic Meditation, facilitates The Sisterhood Tribe, a women’s support group, and shares her passion for building awareness and intimacy through communication games numerous times a month. You can reach her at euphoriabydesign@gmail.com or 214-773-6473. Learn more at www.euphoriabydesign.com.

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