The Eyes Have It!

See me.
See into me. 


Dive into this revealing practice with yourself or with a partner! Starting with a 1-minute session, move through 21 days of increasing levels of intimacy! 

The extensions and expansion of this foundational tantric tool will open to your soul, allowing emotions and feelings to surface. All of this can be yours with a few moments every morning, with no spoken words. On the surface, it sounds so simple. Yet, it is not easy. 

What will you discover? What lies there just out of reach in our everyday rituals of talking and moving? What is possible when we slow down and truly look?

Each day you will have a gazing segment, expanded slightly as you progress through the course. There will be a writing integration piece following each eye gazing session. By the end of the course, you will have experienced a full 6-minute eye gazing session!

Commitment: $95

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